Vango Apex Geo 200
Vango Apex Geo 200
Vango Apex Geo 200

Vango Apex Geo 200

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Introducing the Vango Apex Geo 200 - Your Ultimate 2-Man Camping Companion!

🏕️ Unleash Your Inner Adventurer 🏕️

The Vango Apex Geo 200 2-man tent strikes the perfect balance between lightweight design and unyielding strength, making it your ideal partner for year-round camping. Built to withstand the unpredictable elements and conquer uneven terrains, this freestanding marvel is a true testament to durability and resilience.

🌦️ All-Season Comfort 🌦️

Designed with wild camping in mind, the Apex Geo 200 is your sanctuary in the great outdoors. Whether it's the scorching sun of summer or the relentless storms of winter, this tent offers you a comfortable and reliable space to weather it all. No matter the conditions, you can trust the Apex Geo to keep you sheltered and secure.

🏞️ Versatile Shelter Solutions 🏞️

The multi-function flysheet door is a game-changer. It transforms into a porch for convenient kit storage or serves as two side-doors to shield you from unpredictable winds. You can even opt for a single front entry for easy access or roll away all three sections to immerse yourself in the breathtaking view.

⚖️ Specifications That Matter ⚖️

- Total Weight: 3.02kg
- Packsize: 48.0 x 16.0cm
- Pitching Time: Only 12 minutes
- Fabric: Protex Eco
- Capacity: Perfect for 2 adventurers
- DOFE Recommended Kit: Yes, it's expedition-ready!
- Trail Weight: An impressively lightweight 2.7kg

Don't miss the chance to experience the Vango Apex Geo 200 for yourself!  Get ready for fast nationwide delivery and embark on your next outdoor adventure with confidence! 🌟🏞️🏕️