Art Of Wild Swimming Ireland H/B

Art Of Wild Swimming Ireland H/B

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Dive into the world of wild swimming and unlock the secrets to the perfect swim with "The Art of Wild Swimming." This guide goes beyond the basics, revealing the magic of the most enchanting locations and imparting the wisdom to protect and cherish them. Whether you're a seasoned aquatic explorer or just dipping your toes, this book is your passport to becoming an extraordinary, joyful, and responsible swimmer.

Discover the allure of dramatic Atlantic bays, cascading waterfalls, and hidden pools, from the rugged Causeway Coast to the secluded loughs of the Wicklow Mountains. More than just a guide, it's a journey shared by locals who intimately know the secrets of their patches. Over 100 spectacular swim spots across Ireland and Northern Ireland are unveiled, inviting you to embark on your own aquatic adventures.

"The Art of Wild Swimming" is not just about finding the perfect spot; it's about curating the ideal experience. Learn to finesse your kitbag, prioritize safety for yourself and others, and perhaps stumble upon that perfect warm-up spot for a cuppa and cake. This is your invitation to explore, embrace, and revel in the beauty of wild swimming in Ireland and Northern Ireland—because every dip should be extraordinary.