Alpkit Bigfoot universal tent footprint


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Bigfoot protects your tent from spiky heather, rough ground and campsite sharps, extending your tent lifespan in the process.

  • Hardwearing 40D nylon ripstop protects groundsheets
  • 10K HH fabric adds an extra layer of waterproofing
  • Fits 1 and 2-person tents, and smaller 3-person shelters

Tent groundsheets get some serious hard use over the course of their life - more than practically any other part of the tent. Using a tent footprint can dramatically increase your tent’s lifespan and stop you having to buy a whole new tent.

The Bigfoot’s big old callused sole is made from hardwearing 40D nylon ripstop. This protects the base of your tent from rough hillsides and any groundsheet saboteurs hiding in campsite grass. Plus, with waterproofing of 10K HH, it adds an extra layer of waterproofing in the event of flash flooding and unseen bogs.

The 220cm by 150cm size fits 1-person, 2-person and smaller 3-person shelters and reflective webbing and cord helps you to see your tent by torchlight when getting back at night.