Collins Ireland Touring Map

Collins Ireland Touring Map

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Discover New Destinations with Convenient Pocket Maps from Collins.

Unfold the adventure with Collins' large, full-color map showcasing the entirety of Ireland in intricate detail, with a special focus on key tourist attractions. The map features an easily readable touring scale of 7.5 miles to 1 inch (1:475,200), providing a comprehensive view of the road network. Over 20 categories of tourist information are thoughtfully illustrated on the map, making it a valuable companion for explorers.

Highlighted features include:

- All classified and most minor roads

- Railway network and ferry routes

- Viewpoints and sandy beaches

- Speed enforcement zones and safety camera locations

- Index to 20 categories of tourist information

This map is not just a navigational aid; it's a treasure trove of details. The full index covers place names and points of interest, including castles, historic houses, gardens, beaches, and golf courses. With Collins' pocket map in hand, you have the perfect travel companion to navigate and explore the diverse wonders of Ireland.