Forceatt Mummy Sleeping Bag,
Forceatt Mummy Sleeping Bag,
Forceatt Mummy Sleeping Bag,
Forceatt Mummy Sleeping Bag,

Forceatt Mummy Sleeping Bag,

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**Explore the Outdoors with Forceatt - Your Reliable Companion for a Cozy Night's Sleep**

**Color: Royal Blue and Pine Green**

**Key Features:**

**Compact and Lightweight:** Forceatt's sleeping bag is designed for convenience, accommodating adults up to 198 cm in height, 160 cm shoulder circumference, and 128 cm hip circumference. With a unique 400GSM spray-bonded cotton filling, this sleeping bag can be effortlessly compressed into a compact 38 * 28 cm package, saving you valuable time.

**Comfortable Night's Sleep:** With a generous 400g/m² filling material thickness, an inner neck surround hood, and an outer drawstring hood, our sleeping bag is built for your comfort. It effectively keeps the wind out and retains warmth inside, allowing you to enjoy a cozy night's sleep. Temperature ratings: Comfort 15°C, Limit 0°C, and Extreme -10°C.

**Breathable and Waterproof Fabric:** The 220T hydrophobic polyester fabric ensures effective waterproofing, keeping you dry in wet environments. While it retains warmth, it also allows molecules to escape, ensuring a comfortable and breathable experience during your sleep.

**Anti-Snag Zipper:** Our sleeping bag features dual internal and external anti-bite zippers. The intimate zipper design and bite-proof feature prevent the zipper from getting caught in the lining. Plus, the two-way zipper allows you to free your feet while sleeping.

**Long-Lasting Durability:** Advanced network weaving technology makes the sleeping bag fabric more durable. This enhances the stability and tear resistance of the sleeping bag, making it less prone to tearing or deformation, ensuring longevity even in challenging conditions.

**Details:** With patented quality and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, every aspect of Forceatt has been carefully designed. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best products and services. Our philosophy is to ensure that every customer enjoys the ultimate comfort.

**Product Specifications:**

- Outer Fabric Material: 220D polyester fiber

- Inner Sleeping Bag Material: Spray-bonded cotton

- Compression Size: 37cm X 28cm X 20cm

- Packaging Weight: 1.62 kg

- Sleeping Bag Length: 210cm

- Hip Circumference: 64cm

- Shoulder Circumference: 160cm

- Foot Circumference: 42cm

- Temperature Ratings: Comfortable 15°C, Limit 0°C, and -10°C

- Zipper: SBS waterproof zipper

Embrace comfort, warmth, and the great outdoors with Forceatt. Experience your adventures like never before, and create unforgettable memories. Pack your Forceatt sleeping bag and embark on your journey today!

**Package Dimensions: 16.3 x 11.5 x 6.1 inches**

Dimensions du colis: 16.3 x 11.5 x 6.1 inches