High Peak Kite 2 Weekend Tent
High Peak Kite 2 Weekend Tent
High Peak Kite 2 Weekend Tent
High Peak Kite 2 Weekend Tent
High Peak Kite 2 Weekend Tent

High Peak Kite 2 Weekend Tent

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Introducing the Kite 2 LW: Your Ultimate Lightweight Tunnel Tent

Experience the pinnacle of outdoor comfort with the Kite 2 LW, a marvel of innovation and design. Crafted for those who demand the best in lightweight performance, this exceptional tunnel tent is a testament to quality and precision.

Weighing an astonishingly mere 2.5 kg, the Kite 2 LW stands as a beacon of portability without compromise. Its sleek aluminum poles, boasting the resilient 7001 T6 high-grade alloy, are meticulously engineered for exceptional hardness at grade T6. The result? Unparalleled strength and stability, setting the stage for a camping experience that defies the elements.

Within this architectural marvel, you'll find the harmony of form and function. Ingeniously designed internal connection ferrules create a seamless exterior, allowing the poles to glide effortlessly through the pole tunnels. The wind's howl becomes a mere whisper as the flexible, robust aluminum poles stand as a fortress of stability.

Safety and durability remain paramount, exemplified by the superlight aluminum pegs and guy lines that anchor the Kite 2 LW securely to the earth. Rain or shine, the pre-mounted inner tent ensures swift and dry assembly even in the midst of showers.

Step into a world of convenience through the weather-protected entrance and vestibule, a haven for your belongings. The fixed ground sheet and mud flap cooperate to guard against dirt, preserving the sanctity of your shelter. Enhancing airflow are two permanent hooded vents, a constant breath of fresh air that can never be too much.

The Kite 2 LW creates harmony between the elements and comfort. Its crystal-clear windows illuminate the vestibule, and the extended 230 cm inner tent with an anti-mosquito net door invites nature while shunning bugs. Seamlessly adjustable zippered flaps and neatly stowable pockets inside the tent pamper you with convenience.

A single lantern hanging point provides a touch of home in the wild. With dimensions measuring 140 x 330 cm and a generous inner tent area of 120 x 230 cm, the Kite 2 LW accommodates up to two individuals while reserving ample space for essential gear.

Immerse yourself in the world of trekking, backpacking, motorcycle/bike touring, or simply embracing the essence of camping. The Kite 2 LW isn't just a tent; it's an experience, a symbol of adventure and functional elegance.

Specifications at a Glance:
- Weight: 2.5 kg
- Dimensions: 140 x 330 cm
- Inner Tent Dimensions: 120 x 230 cm
- Packsize: 43 x ø16 cm
- Height: 90 cm
- Waterproof Rating: 3000 mm
- Poles: High-Grade Aluminum

Elevate your outdoor journey with the Kite 2 LW. Embrace the lightweight wonder that delivers on its promises and propels your camping escapades to unprecedented heights.