Mesle Wakeboard Set Airtime =
Mesle Wakeboard Set Airtime =
Mesle Wakeboard Set Airtime =

Mesle Wakeboard Set Airtime =

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Indulge in the Thrill of Mesle's Airtime Wakeboard - Precision Crafted for Awe-Inspiring Rides!

🌊 Mesle Airtime Wakeboard in Bold Blue 🌊

Unleash your passion for wakeboarding with the Mesle Airtime - a masterpiece meticulously handcrafted in Germany, designed for the fearless pursuit of inverts and conquering obstacles. Dive into a world where speed meets precision, and every ride becomes a thrilling adventure.

🚀 **Key Features that Set Mesle Airtime Apart:**

✨ **Handmade Excellence**: Crafted with unparalleled skill and attention to detail, the Mesle Airtime is a testament to German craftsmanship, ensuring a ride that exceeds expectations.

🌲 **Wood-Sandwich Construction**: Experience the perfect blend of strength and flexibility with the CNC-milled wooden core, wrapped in a fiberglass layer for a ride that feels as good as it looks.

🔧 **ABS Sidewall & Grind Base**: The robust ABS sidewalls and a durable grind base guarantee longevity even after intense sessions with obstacles, ensuring your board stands up to the challenge.

🏄‍♂️ **Continuous Rocker with Attitude**: The Mesle Airtime features a continuous rocker with a lively and sharp character, providing an exhilarating ride that responds to your every move.

🎯 **Tip & Tail Channels for Precision**: Four deep tip to tail channels on the board's surface make it lightning-fast and keep you on track after those daring landings.

⚙️ **Medium-Hard Flex**: The medium-hard flex loads the board with energy during approach, giving you ample time for jaw-dropping tricks after the rebound.

🎨 **Striking Blue Aesthetics**: Mesle Airtime stands out in a bold blue hue, ensuring you look as good as you ride.

🛠️ **Versatile Sizing and Customization**:
- Length Options: Choose between 141 cm (ideal for 50-85 kg) or 145 cm (perfect for 70-105 kg).
- M6 Inserts: Equipped with 12 M6 inserts for optional fin attachments, allowing you to personalize your setup.

👣 **Duro Wakeboard Binding - Precision Control Meets Comfort**:

✅ **Hexagon Structure for Durability**: The Duro binding's hexagon structure ensures high break resistance, offering durability that matches the Airtime's performance.

🌊 **Floating Tongue for Flexibility**: A floating tongue design adapts to your foot for maximum flexibility, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.

👟 **Thickly Padded EVA Footbed**: Enjoy well-cushioned jumps and smooth obstacle slides with the thickly padded EVA footbed, absorbing impact for a more comfortable ride.

🔧 **Tool-Free Setup with M6 Flügelschrauben**: Effortlessly mount the binding with the included M6 wing screws - no tools required.

🔄 **Adjustable for All**: Share the thrill! The binding's variable adjustment range means no compromises - whether it's you, your friends, or family.

👫 **Sizes for Everyone**: Select from Junior (EU 30-36) or Adult (EU 37-45) sizes based on your foot width.

Elevate your wakeboarding experience with Mesle's Airtime Wakeboard - where innovation meets adrenaline, and every ride becomes a masterpiece of performance and style. Get ready to ride the waves in a league of your own! 🌊✨