Oileain - the Irish Islands Guide

Oileain - the Irish Islands Guide

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During his 2014 state visit to the U.K, Irish President Michael D. Higgins presented HRH the Prince of Wales with a copy of this book. Now in its second edition, this sea kayaking guidebook, titled "Oileain, The Irish Islands," has undergone a complete revision, offering an enriched experience for adventurers. Featuring descriptions of 270 additional islands compared to the previous edition, the guide showcases a plethora of new photos, a fresh design, and enhanced presentation of tidal information.

Authored by Dave Walsh, the guidebook provides comprehensive details on over 570 islands, offering essential information for kayakers and small boat enthusiasts. Covering crucial aspects such as landings, camping, drinking water, and tidal information, the guide ensures a seamless and informed exploration. Wildlife encounters are intricately documented, and for islands with historical or archaeological significance, readers will find a wealth of captivating information about their past and present inhabitants.

What sets this guide apart is not just its informative content but also the engaging storytelling style, often infused with a wry sense of humor, making the historical narratives highly readable. Throughout the book, vibrant color photographs and detailed maps complement the writing, capturing the very essence of the untamed landscapes and remote places described. Immerse yourself in the world of Irish islands with a guide that not only informs but also captivates, inviting readers to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery.