OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PRO -
OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PRO -
OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PRO -
OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PRO -
OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PRO -

OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PRO -

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πŸ‚ Elevate Your Slope Experience with OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles Pro πŸ‚

🌟 Unleash Ultimate Clarity and Comfort 🌟

Dive into the thrill of the slopes with OutdoorMaster's Performance Ski Goggles – where cutting-edge design meets unparalleled performance.

πŸ‘“ **Frameless Design for Unmatched Visibility:**
- Immerse yourself in the panoramic beauty of the slopes. Our large, spherical, frameless lens provides a clear and unobstructed view, ensuring you catch every detail of the exhilarating ride.

πŸ”„ **Interchangeable Lens System for Every Condition:**
- Adapt to changing weather and lighting conditions seamlessly. Choose from our collection of 20+ lenses for day, night, sunny, or cloudy days. Experience the freedom to swap lenses on the fly, ensuring optimal visibility at all times. (Extra lenses sold separately)

πŸ‘“ **OTG Design for Glasses Wearers:**
- Say goodbye to discomfort! The Ski Goggles Pro features an Over-The-Glasses design, allowing you to wear your glasses underneath the goggles. No more compromises on vision or style.

☁️ **Anti-Fog Coating & UV400 Protection:**
- Enjoy crystal-clear vision in any weather. Our lenses are coated with an anti-fog layer, and offer 100% UV400 protection, safeguarding your eyes while ensuring a fog-free experience on the slopes.

πŸ”— **Universal Helmet Compatibility:**
- Secure and comfortable. The extra-long elastic strap ensures a perfect fit with all helmets, making it suitable for both adults and teens. No need to worry about compatibility – we've got you covered.

πŸ“¦ **What You Get:**
- 1 x OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PRO
- 1 x Protective Case
- 1 x Carrying Pouch
- Customer-favorite 1-year warranty and friendly customer service

🎿 **Specifications:**
- Lens Size: 8.27 inches (W) x 3.74 inches (H)
- Lens Material: PC + UV
- Frame Material: TPU
- 100% UV400 protection

🌈 **VLT (Visible Light Transmission) Reference Scope:**
- 0-10%: Sunny days
- 10-25%: Partially clouded to sunny days
- 25-60%: Cloudy days and dusk
- 60-90%: Night and heavily clouded days

🚨 **Notices:**
- To preserve the anti-fog layer, clean the lens with a soft tissue.
- Lens replacements are sold separately.
- Replacement lenses are ONLY compatible with OutdoorMaster goggles.

πŸ“ **Package Dimensions:**
- 8.7 x 6.1 x 4.3 inches

Gear up with OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles Pro and embrace the thrill of the slopes like never before. Elevate your adventure today! πŸš€β„οΈ