Alpkit roundhouse organic cotton bell tent


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The Roundhouse is a luxurious four-person bell tent, using sustainable, long lasting materials. Highly breathable polycotton canvas maintains a comfortable climate of fresh air day and night, staying cool in the heat and warm in the cold.

  • Polycotton canvas uses 100% organic cotton
  • Breathable cotton allows for better air quality and significantly less condensation
  • Polycotton canvas has much higher UV resistance and longevity

The big advantage of polycotton canvas is that it creates a far nicer internal tent atmosphere for living and sleeping in. Polycotton breathes much more effectively than pure polyester or nylon, providing better air quality and significantly reducing condensation. This keeps Roundhouse at the perfect climate for living and sleeping in. Thanks to the cotton, it stays cool in hot weather and traps more heat when the temperature drops.

The central pole structure of the bell tent design provides an abundance of internal space, giving that luxurious home from home feeling. With 2 metres of standing height and a 3 metre diameter, the Roundhouse has enough room to comfortably lounge, cook or entertain without feeling restricted, and yet it still packs neatly into car boots for a weekend away.

The Roundhouse is a tent that’s built to last - not just for one summer. We've been meticulous in construction, selecting a hardwearing canvas, durable 400D PU floor to withstand rogue sticks and stones, and strong steel poles and pegs. This makes Roundhouse incredibly sturdy in strong winds or even under heavy snow fall.

We’re committed to only using cotton from organic or Better Cotton Initiative-certified sources which is why we’ve used 100% organic cotton. We've also used wooden toggles, which we've ensured are responsibly sourced.

Designer's Notes

In many ways, polycotton canvas is the perfect tent fabric. As well as its unrivaled breathability, polycotton canvas is much more resistant to deterioration by UV rays. This extends the Roundhouse’s lifespan well beyond a nylon or polyester equivalent – up to 4 times longer in fact. - Rowan, Design Tech

Pair the Roundhouse with the Roundhouse Inner for the additional comfort of a separate bedroom compartment.