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Tarpstar 4

Tarpstar 4

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When the British Polar Expedition arrived at the South Pole in 1911 it was Amundsen's pyramid tent that they found. It's endured because a pyramid shape is one of the most bombproof designs in horizontal wind and rain.

Tarpstar 4 is an ultralight, 4-person pyramid tarp tent that pitches using trekking poles. This is our modern take on a tent shape that's been proven for over 100 years.

Tarpstar 4 packs small and light and crams into any corner of your pack. There's plenty of space for four people or lots of kit on longer trips. It pitches quickly with our Vertex Tarp Pole (not included) or with two tethered trekking poles.

Pitch in different ways: go ultralight with just the 771g outer, on warm nights use the inner only. The optional footprint gives ultimate protection.