Trekmates Explorer Compass

Trekmates Explorer Compass

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Introducing The Explorer, the ultimate companion for adventurers and explorers alike. This robust base plate compass is meticulously designed with a host of features that will revolutionize your navigation experience.

🌍 The large-sized base ensures that measuring distances becomes an absolute breeze, allowing you to chart your course effortlessly.

🔍 The integrated magnifier is your secret weapon for scrutinizing small map details with pristine clarity, even in the dimmest of light conditions.

🌟 Thanks to the luminous needle markings, you can trust The Explorer to guide you through the darkest of nights, ensuring you never lose your way.

🧭 Navigate with precision using the rotating bezel marked with two-degree dial graduations, and rely on the Romer scales (1:25,000 and 1:50,000) for accurate map measurements.

📏 The centimeter ruler is an added bonus, helping you with precise calculations and measurements on the go.

🌌 When it comes to orienteering, The Explorer has you covered with its circle and triangle cutouts for drawing orienteering points.

🌐 With the included neck cord, you'll have your compass securely within reach at all times, ready for your next adventure.

💪 The best part? The Explorer weighs in at just 45g, making it the lightweight and dependable navigation tool you've been waiting for.

Don't miss out on the chance to elevate your exploration game. Get The Explorer today and experience navigation like never before. Your journey begins here. 🗺️🧭🌄