Twister by Outdoorer, hard ground pegs
Twister by Outdoorer, hard ground pegs

Twister by Outdoorer, hard ground pegs

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Introducing the Ultimate Travel Beach Tent: Your Sun-Safe Haven!

🌞 Stay Sun-Smart Anywhere 🌞

Are you tired of those harsh sunburns that ruin your beach vacations? Say goodbye to sun damage and hello to ultimate sun protection with our Travel Beach Tent! This little wonder is not your average beach shelter; it's a UV fortress with an incredible UV 80 to UV 801 standard, ensuring you stay safe under the sun during your adventures.

🏖️ More Space, More Fun 🏖️

Our beach tent may be small in pack size, but it's big on space! With generous dimensions of 170 x 100 x 100 cm, there's room for you and a friend or all the solo relaxation you need. Say goodbye to cramped quarters and hello to comfort.

🌬️ Breathe Easy 🌬️

Ventilation is key, and we've got it covered. Our solar tent features an ideal window that lets the refreshing sea breeze in without compromising on wind and privacy protection. Plus, convenient mesh pockets keep your belongings organized and sand-free.

👜 Travel Light, Travel Right 👜

Traveling light has never been this easy! Our beach tent boasts a mini pack size of just 40 x 8 x 8 cm and a feather-light weight of 950 grams. It's the perfect companion for long-distance travel and fits right into your hand luggage.

🌍 Adventure Awaits 🌍

With our Travel Beach Tent, you're ready for unforgettable adventures worldwide. We've included all the accessories you need, from a carrying bag to guy lines, assembly instructions, and pegs. Your journey to sun-soaked destinations just got a whole lot easier.

Don't miss out on the chance to elevate your beach experience with the ultimate sun protection, spacious design, and hassle-free travel convenience. Make the smart choice and invest in your sun safety today. Grab your Travel Beach Tent and get ready for a world of incredible adventures under the sun! 🌴🌊☀️