WAKETEC Wakeboard
WAKETEC Wakeboard
WAKETEC Wakeboard
WAKETEC Wakeboard
WAKETEC Wakeboard
WAKETEC Wakeboard

WAKETEC Wakeboard

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🌊 **WAKETEC Play: Unleash Your Wakeboarding Adventure!**

πŸ„β€β™‚οΈ **Features That Propel You Forward:**
Experience the thrill of wakeboarding with the WAKETEC Play – a freeride wakeboard package designed for both beginners and advanced riders. Not suitable for obstacles and ramps, this board is your ticket to effortless fun on the water. The forgiving Continuous Rocker, paired with a wide shape, provides increased pop and requires minimal effort to conquer the waves.

🌟 **Designed for Success:**
The Play boasts a PBT surface and a PU Lite Core with fiberglass reinforcement, ensuring durability and performance. Long Base Center-Fins and four continuous guide channels provide traction and precise board control, making it a breeze for riders to maneuver behind the boat or cable.

πŸ‘Œ **Tailored for Your Ride:**
Available in two lengths, choose the 134 cm for riders between 40-70 kg or the 139 cm for those between 60-85 kg. The wider Freeride shape offers additional buoyancy, requiring less effort from you, whether you're a beginner learning the ropes or an advanced rider seeking the next thrill.

πŸ„β€β™€οΈ **Versatility with Safety in Mind:**
The WAKETEC Play is not just about fun; it's about safety too. Long Base Center-Fins assist beginners with water starts, and for surface tricks, easily remove the fins to master those smooth slides and switch tricks. Please note, this board is not intended for riding over obstacles.

πŸ‘Ÿ **Moto Binding for Comfort and Control:**
Paired with the WAKETEC Play is the Moto Binding – a super comfortable choice for beginners and ambitious wakeboarders. The quick-drying and pleasant Lycra material lining ensure comfort, while the higher shaft enhances power transmission and keeps you securely in the binding.

πŸš€ **Easy Entry and Exit:**
Featuring a floating tongue construction and an open-toe design, the Moto Binding offers an extensive adjustment range without compromising on comfort. Two straps facilitate easy entry and exit, both in the water and on land.

πŸ‘£ **Choose Your Size:**
Select the perfect fit for your feet with the choice of S-M (EU 34-41) or L-XL (EU 41-47), ensuring comfort and control tailored to your individual needs.

🌊 **Dive into the WAKETEC Experience:**
Unleash the adventure with WAKETEC Play and Moto Binding – the dynamic duo for riders seeking thrills, comfort, and control on the water. Elevate your wakeboarding experience and conquer the waves with confidence! πŸŒŠπŸ€™eboard Play wird im Package mit der Moto Bindung und vier passenden M6 Schrauben geliefert.