Waketec Wakeboard-Set
Waketec Wakeboard-Set
Waketec Wakeboard-Set
Waketec Wakeboard-Set
Waketec Wakeboard-Set
Waketec Wakeboard-Set

Waketec Wakeboard-Set

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Riders, especially beginners, often struggle with wakeboarding due to boards that are not forgiving and require a significant amount of effort to control. Finding the right equipment that caters to both entry-level and intermediate riders can be challenging.

Introducing the WAKETEC Play, a freeride wakeboard package designed to address the needs of both beginners and advanced riders. The board is not suitable for obstacles and ramps, making it an ideal choice for those focusing on basic wakeboarding skills.

Key Features:

1. **Forgiving Design**: The WAKETEC Play features a fault-tolerant Continuous Rocker, making it easy for riders to control the board and learn wakeboarding techniques with ease.

2. **Effortless Riding**: With a wider Freeride shape, the board provides additional lift, reducing the effort required for wakeboarding. This design is especially beneficial for riders looking to minimize the physical strain during their sessions.

3. **Enhanced Control**: The board is equipped with long base center-fins and four continuous guide channels on the underside, promoting traction and improved board control. This ensures smoother turns whether behind a boat or on a cable.

4. **Durable Construction**: The WAKETEC Play is built with a proven construction using PBT surfaces and a PU Lite Core with fiberglass reinforcement, ensuring durability for prolonged use.

5. **Optimized Start for Beginners**: Two long base center-fins facilitate water starts for beginners. They help the board align in the correct direction during starts, making it easier for riders to maintain their course.

6. **Surface Trick Capability**: The board allows for the removal of fins, facilitating surface tricks and making it easier for riders to slide, encouraging the learning of switch tricks.

7. **Size Options**: The WAKETEC Play is available in two lengths – 134 cm for riders weighing between 40-70 kg and 139 cm for riders weighing between 60-85 kg, catering to a range of body types and skill levels.

As part of a comprehensive package, the WAKETEC Play comes with the OnSet binding. The versatile binding is designed for beginners and recreational riders, featuring a floating tongue construction, open-toe design, and an extensive adjustment range for easy sharing among family and friends. The binding's padded neoprene interior, mid-height shaft with lacing, and additional straps for entry assistance provide comfort, support, and ease of use in the water.

Choose between S-M (EU 34-41) or L-XL (EU 41-47) sizes based on foot width. The WAKETEC Play package ensures a seamless combination of board and binding for an enjoyable and user-friendly wakeboarding experience.